Sunday 1st December

Had a bath. Went to Grandma’s.  She gave me sixpence.  After went a walk with our Mick.


Monday 2nd December

Had a fair day at school.  Getting on very well with my French.  Want to try to get to know it well.  Went to see Gentlemen at Arms.  Bought some glass to do some more quotations.


Tuesday 3rd December

Had a nice day.  Had some fun coming to school in afternoon.  Asked Margaret, Nancy, Zona, Lillian, Maisie to come to tea on 18th.  Went to see The Trial of Mary Duggan.  A very good pic.


Wednesday 4th December

Had some real fun coming home.  Did my prep after tea.  We have got a tenant for this place.  Went to see A Peep Behind The Scenes.  Not half as good as the book, although it was nice.


Thursday 5th December

At house meetings at school.  All had to bring something towards the house party.  Did my prep after tea.  Just messed about at night.  Went to bed early.  Am very tired.


Friday 6th December

Was sent home from school.  Went to pics in afternoon.  Went with Dad.  A very nice pic.  Just messed about at night.  Alice came at night and she was miserable.  Hadn’t any homework to do.


Saturday 7th December

Went shopping with Mother.  Bought a pair of Wellingtons and a beret.  Went with Alice to their house.  After went to the pictures.  Somebody played a joke on me.  Alice slept with me.


Sunday 8th December

Had a bath.  Went to Grandma’s.  She gave me a lovely little dressing table doll.  After took our Mick for a walk.  It was hailing and rain.


Monday 9th December

Had a good day.  Dad fetched me from school in the car at dinnertime and took me back again.  Had to stop in to do my geography.  Did prep after tea.  Went to see Glad Rag Dolls.  A lovely picture.


Tuesday 10th December

Had an awful day.  Had to stop at school for the house party.  Had some fun before.  Had a nice tea.  Didn’t do my prep.  Practiced my art at night, for my quotations.


Wednesday 11th December

Had a nice day.  Did something for the school.  Didn’t do it bad, but would have liked to have done it better.    Did my prep before tea.  After went up to Zona’s then went to meet Margaret and we played a lovely game of stones.


Thursday 12th December

Had a nice day. Had a nice Scripture lesson.  Didn’t do all my prep.  Asked Mother if Margaret could stay the weekend.  She said yes.  Went to The Regent with Mum.  Quite a nice pic but the talkie broke down.


Friday 13th December

Had a fair day. Asked Margaret to come and stay for the weekend but she was frightened of the neighbourhood. Went up to Zona’s.  Had a lovely game. Broke my watch glass.


Saturday 14th December

Went out shopping in the morning.  Bought a lot of things for my party.  After went up to Zona’s at night. After went to pics.  It was not a bad pic. Alice slept with me.


Sunday 15th December

Went to Grandma’s.  Took Geoffrey a walk at night.  When I came home I found that Doris had given me a lovely present.


Monday 16th December

Had a fair day.  Played a nice game at dinnertime.  Bought some more balloons.  Didn’t do any prep. After went to the pics.  Not a bad pic but rather dry.  Went to bed early.


Tuesday 17th December

Had some fun coming to school.  Did my prep after tea. Then made preparation for my party by blowing balloons up and decorating and such like.  Looking forward to tomorrow.


Wednesday 18th December

Had a lovely day.  Had no prep.  All the girls enjoyed my party very much.  So did I.  Had a lovely time.  Joan came.  Divided the trimmings up at the end.


Thursday 19th December

Have broken up at school and so have left.  Had a bit of a weep.  Brought all my books home.  Went to The Empire at night.  The show was scandalous.  Had a lovely night out with Mum.


Friday 20th December

Mother bought me a pair of fur-backed gloves.  After Dad took me to Grandma’s.  Played with Geoffrey.  After supper we played cards and I lost every time.  Am very tired.


Saturday 21st December

Had a fair day.  Played with Geoffrey in morning and afternoon.  Went shopping at night.  After played cards. Won 1d.  Went to bed early.




Sunday 22nd December

Am still at Grandma’s.  Played with Geoffrey in morning .  Mum came in afternoon.  Played with Geoffrey at night then went home again


Monday 23rd December

Had a nice day. Went and bought my Christmas cards and sent them off.  After went to Liptons and then to have my hair marcelled.  It looked ever so nice.  After went to pics.  Not a bad pic.

                                        Liptons Ltd


Tuesday 24th December

Had a nice day.  Went out shopping with Kath in afternoon.  Wrote her a Christmas card.  After went to see Kitty at The  Central.  Not a nice pic at all.


Wednesday 25th December

Had a nice day.  Went to Grandma’s.  I stopped a bit.  We played cards.  Won 4d.  After Dad fetched me home.  Enjoyed myself.  Went to bed late.


Thursday 26th December

Had a nice day.  Came to Grandma’s in afternoon.  Stopped in and played with Joan and Geoffrey at night.  After supper played cards a bit.  Lost 2 pence halfpenny.  Went to bed late.


Friday 27th December

Had a good day.  Joan went home. Played with her in the morning.  In afternoon played with Geoffrey.  After went to pics with Aunt Nellie.  Played at cards.  Lost 1d.  Went to bed at the normal time.


Saturday 28th December

Didn’t get up til 1 o’clock.  Went up to Lewis’s in afternoon.  Played with Geoffrey at night.  Played at cards and lost a halfpenny.



Sunday 29th December

Am still at Grandma’s.  Went home with Mother.  Wished all my friends goodbye.  Helped to pack things up.  Didn’t  get to bed until 12 o’clock.


Monday 30th December

Had a tiring day.  Got up at 6 o’clock.  Helped with the removing.  After Dad took me to Margaret’s party.  Enjoyed myself very much. Am very tired.


Tuesday 31st December

Had a nice day. Am at Grandma’s. Played with Geoffrey and Mick in morning also in afternoon.  Played at cards.  Lost 2d.  Eric let the New Year in.  Had a glass of port wine.



Wednesday 1st January 1930

Took over the new place today.  Got up very early.  Helped the removing men to get the furniture in.  Everything topsy-turvey of course.  Put the beds up and had a real sound sleep.




  The Trial of Mary Dugan


A Peep Behind the Scenes




Irene on a trip with her father in 1929



      Glad Rag Doll 1929

This film is lost: Wikipedia





          Irenes parents

Tom and Gertrude King on a trip out in the car somewhere in Yorkshire

Photo taken by Irene








Irenes father Tom King and her grandmother Elizabeth Bagnall








        One Penny coins

Pre Decimal: Wikipedia










              Liptons Ltd

699-701 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield

Tea dealers, grocers and butchers


Date:        1914


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s00811


                Kitty 1929

Estelle Brody: Starred in the film Kitty











        Halfpenny coins

Pre Decimal: Wikipedia

Pictures from Google Images


            Eric Bennett

Irenes cousin who let the New Year in


          Irongate Derby

The family have moved to their new public house The Globe at number 41 Irongate, Derby


The Globe can be seen in the bottom left corner of the photo'

Next door at number 40, is Foulds Music Shop.


Picture from Google Images




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