Friday 1st February

Mother in bed today with her ankle.  Bought a book at Boots. Stayed upstairs with Mother and read and played cards a bit.



Saturday 2nd February

Nancy and Valerie came and stopped to tea.  Had some fun playing with them.  Zona was coming but didn’t.  Did prep at night in Mum’s room.


Sunday 3rd February

Went out in the car, but didn’t go to Grandma’s.  Stopped with mother at night and had some fun.


Monday 4th February

Had a nice day.  Have fallen out with Nancy and Margaret.  Mother up again.  Went to see The Sinister Man.  It was lovely.  Did nails, but couldn’t find polish.


Tuesday 5th February

Am friends with Margaret and Nancy again.  Stopped in at night and read my book.  Have a sore throat and am very tired.


Wednesday 6th February

Went to school but was sent home because I had a sore throat.  Finished my book in bed and am lonely now.


Thursday 7th February

Mother’s writing

Doctor came and thinks I shall have scarlet fever.  I hope not.  No spots yet.


Friday 8th February

Mother’s writing

Spots appeared.  Doctor says I shall have to go to hospital.  I am like a pickled beetroot.


Saturday 9th February

Doctor came and says I am just the same.  I am going to let Mum do my diary until I am better.


Sunday 10th February

Didn’t have much of a day. Quiet as per usual.  Read a book at night.


Monday 11th February

Doctor didn’t come.  My throat a lot better.  Medical man called.  Thinks I shall have to go in hospital on Wednesday


Tuesday 12th February

Mother’s writing

My wrists ache. Doctor came and is changing my medicine.  Nurse came to take me to Lodgemoor.



Wednesday 13th February

Mother’s writing

Have written to Irene.  Sent her a lovely card.


Thursday 14th February

Mother’s writing

Irene’s number is in the paper amongst the ill but satisfactory.  Writing to her tonight.  Dad gone out.


Friday 15th February

Mother’s writing

Feel poorly myself so shall go to bed. Temperature 101.


Saturday 16th February

Mother’s writing

Sent for doctor.  Must stay in bed.  Very sorry shall not be able to see Irene.


Sunday 17th February

Mother’s writing

Dad and Rhonda gone to Irene.  I’m still in bed poorly.


Monday 18th February

Mother’s writing

Dad’s birthday.  I feel a little better, so shall try and get up.  Written to Irene.


Tuesday 19th February

Mother’s writing

Irene still progressing favourably.


Wednesday 20th February

Mother’s writing

Sent Irene some chocs and toffees.  Dad went to see Dracula.


Thursday 21st February

Mother’s writing

Dad poorly with flu.  Stayed in bed all day. Have sent for Doctor.


Friday 22nd February

Mother’s writing   

Have written to Zona and asked her to write to Irene.  Doctor Mac says both of us have flu.


Saturday 23rd February

Mother’s writing.

Daddy still very poorly, but it does not do him good to sympathise with him.


Sunday 24th February

Mother’s writing

Another Sunday I can’t go and see Irene.


Monday 25th February

Mother’s writing.

Sent Irene a parcel.


Tuesday 26th February

Mother’s writing

Wanted to go to London but can’t go so shall have to go Wednesday. Wrote Irene.


Wednesday 27th February

Mother’s writing

Went to London.  Beautiful day.


Thursday 28th February

Mother’s writing

Went to pictures – saw Al Jolson in Jazz Singer.










Chemists & Stationers High Street, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - u04309








  Irene on a picnic in 1929

she appears to be wearing her Tammy Shanter




Irene's mother, Gertrude begins to write entries from this point, due to Irene's illness


          Scarlet Fever

Scarlet fever is an infectious disease which most commonly affects 4-8 year old children. Symptoms include sore throat, fever and a characteristic red rash.


Before the availability of antibiotics, scarlet fever was a major cause of death. It could also cause late complications, and could lead to heart valve disease, all of which were protracted and often fatal afflictions at the time.



            Lodge Moor

Fever Hospital, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s07407

Photographer: G. Bagshaw & Sons Ltd.





          Scarlet Fever


Scarlet fever is characterized by:

    Sore throat, Fever,

    Bright red tongue with a "strawberry" appearance


Picture by Wickipedia, the Free Encyclopedia




associated with Scarlet Fever


Picture by Wickipedia, the Free Encyclopedia







    The Jazz Singer 1927

Picture by Wickipedia, the Free Encyclopedia


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