Monday 1st July

Went to school and had a real good time. Winnie came and we played at ball with Mick.  After bathed him.  He is lovely and clean now.


Tuesday 2nd July

Had arranged to go to the baths.  Went and had a real good time.  After went for a walk on the Bar.


Wednesday 3rd July

Went to school.  Had a hard day’s work ready for the exams. At night did a lot of swatting.  Hadn’t much time left then.


Thursday 4th July

Had the exams today.  They were stiff.  Margaret, Nancy and Maisie came to tea and we had a really good game of hidy.  It was a lovely night we had.


Friday 5th July

Oh the exams were stiff today.  Zona and I had some fun at Auntie’s.  Went to see Hot News second house.  It was a nice pic.


Saturday 6th July

Have bought some stockings.  Zona came down and stopped to tea. We play at hidy. After went to pics.


Sunday 7th July

Had a quiet day.  Went out with Dad in the town for a walk.  After went to Endcliffe Park



Monday 8th July

Exams were lovely today. Went to the baths to meet Nancy and she wasn’t there.  Came home and had a chat  with Francis and Alice.


Tuesday 9th July

Went to school and nearly had my paper cancelled in exams.  Mother came home and bought me a dinkie pen and oddment box  a novelty address book and a French dictionary.


Wednesday 10th July

Had some fun at school with the novelty.  I have passed my maths exam.  Stopped at school to see a tennis match.  At night went to see Half a Bride


Thursday 11th July

Had to do one exam over again.  Have passed in 3 exams up to now.  Had a remark ‘ Quite good considering long absence’ in history.  At night went to the baths with Nancy.


Friday 12th July

Had a bit of fun coming home.  Went to meet Margaret  at night and we went to see the talkie, Black Waters.  Oh, it was awfully weird. 


Saturday 13th July

Went out shopping and bought a new blazer and another band for my watch also a new pack of stockings.  Went to pics at night.   


Sunday 14th July

Went to Grandma’s. Grandma’s birthday tomorrow.  After went a bit of a walk along the Bar.


Monday 15th July

Went to school and had a practice for Open Day.  Was going to the baths with Alice and Francis and Alice couldn’t go so went to pics instead.


Tuesday 16th July

Had some fun at school.  Went to baths at night with Ethel.  Had a lovely time.  Am friends with Kath again.  She has a lovely frock.


Wednesday 17th July

Had the whole day rehearsing for Open Day.    Went and bathed Mick then took him to have his photo took.  Oh it is a lovely one.  Went to dirt track.


Thursday 18th July

Had a holiday in afternoon.  Went to bed to get ready for Open Day.  Everyone enjoyed our gym display.  Mum liked everything.  Aunt thinks the school is simply lovely.


Friday 19th July

Had a holiday. Went a picnic with Zona.  Had a real good time.  After had a bit of a rest, then went a walk with Kath along the Bar.


Saturday 20th July

Went up to have a game of tennis with Kath. After had a bath then went to the pics with Kath.  It was lovely.


Sunday 21st July

Went Grandma’s.  Joan was there.  Went a walk with Kath at night around the Botanical Gardens.


Monday 22nd July

Had no lessons today but watched plays all day.  After had a bit of a snack at school then came home and went to the baths with Nancy.


Tuesday 23rd July

Have gone into Form 11b at school.  Had a gym competition and our house came in third.  Learnt the deaf and dumb language.  After went to pics.  A nice pic.     


Wednesday 24th July

Spent most of the day buying second hand books.  Came home to dinner.  Have won the gym cup.  After went to dirt track.  Disappointing.


Thursday 25th July

Did no lessons.  Presented Miss Taylorer with her leaving presents and now for the holidays. Hip Hip Hurrah.  Went to The Regent at night with Mum.



Friday 26th July

Went to the baths at 9 o’clock in the morning. Hardly anybody in. Went up to Mr Oldfield’s house.  Met two of my nurses in town at night.


Saturday 27th July

Went with Mum to the hairdressers.  Had a rest in the afternoon.  At night went to pics.  It was very nice. Had some money given me.


Sunday 28th July

Went to Grandma’s and took Aunt Nellie a run.  Had my hair marcel waved.  Went for a walk at night.


Monday 29th July

Went to Zona’s and she wasn’t in so went up to Millhouses Park.  After, went to The Don.  It was a lovely picture.


Tuesday 30th July

Went up to Margaret’s to ask her to play for a few hours.  Went to the cemetery and then went shopping. Margaret and I had a feast in bed.


Wednesday 31st July

Had a real good day.  Nancy came and we made a little home and had tea in it.  After had dips then helped Mum.  Had another feast.






          Hot News 1928














        Drinking Fountain

Endcliffe Park


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s11160













        Half a Bride 1928

Gary Cooper & Esther Ralston










      Mick the Jack Russell


















        Botanical Gardens

Bandstand and Pavilions

Broomhall, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s00628


























      The Regent Cinema

Barker's Pool, Sheffield


Image reproduced with permission from the National Film Archive, and Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s08039

Copyright:National Film Archive


























          Millhouses Park

Bathing Pool under Construction

Sheffield Millhouses

July 1929



Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s03965










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