Tuesday 1st October

Mum and Dad took me to school in the car.  At night did prep before tea.  Then went to pics.  Had a good cry.  Was shown some tricks at night.


Wednesday 2nd October

Had a fair day.  Bought some apples from school.  Went to dirt track at night.  Not a bad show.  Saw some pony racing also. 


Thursday 3rd October

Had some fun at night.  Tried to teach Mick to like our pussy.  He wouldn’t.  After went to bed and had a Beecham’s powder.  Have a bad cold.


Friday 4th October

Didn’t feel too well today.  Had some fun at school.  Went to bed and did prep there.  Had some cough mixture.  Read my book in bed and did my nails.


Saturday 5th October

Went out shopping with Mum.  Bought some stockings  and a science overall.  Went to pics at night.  A jolly good pic.  After went bed dog tired.


Sunday 6th October

Went to Huddersfield to see a new house (public house).  Not bad. After went to Grandma’s.  Kath came  and we stopped up and had a chat.


Monday 7th October

Nancy came back to school today.  Margaret very fussy.  Went to pics at night.  A very good pic.  After had my overall let down.


Tuesday 8th October

Have fallen out with Margaret again.  Had some fun coming home.  Did prep before tea.  After went to see College Love. A very nice pic.


Wednesday 9th October

Went to school and am friends with Margaret.  Still have that bad cold so went to bed again and had a Beecham’s powder.  My nose is very sore.


Thursday 10th October

Stopped in bed instead of going to school.  Got on with my sewing and also read my books.  Kath came at night and we had some fun.  Wrote to Winnie.


Friday 11th October

Had to stop away from school.  Read in bed in morning.  Got up and went to pics in afternoon.  Kath came at night and we had a good night together.


Saturday 12th October

Went out shopping in morning.  Bought a new pair of stockings.  Winnie came in afternoon.  Went to pics at night.  It was simply rotten.


Sunday 13th October

Went to see the house (public house) at Derby.  It looks awful from the outside.  Waited for Kath at night but she didn’t come.  Phoned Aunt Bill.


Monday 14th October

Went to school today.  Had some fun coming home.  Did prep before tea.  Went to pics.  Not a bad picture.  After came home and had my supper and went to bed. I’m very tired.


Tuesday 15th October

Had a fair day at school. Had a lecture about behavior on the trams.  Went to pics at night.  A very nice picture.  After did a dance in the room.  Went to bed early to get a good rest.


Wednesday 16th October

Had some fun at school.  Waited for Margaret at night and so was able to finish prep after tea.  Finished, and then tried to get into pics but couldn’t so went for a walk. 


Thursday 17th October

Got into trouble at school over certain things.  Went to pics at night.  It was a nice pic.  Did my prep after tea.  Gladys stopped to tea.


Friday 18th October

Girls being sent secretly to Miss Bamber.  Something going off.  Stopped in at night.  Bought a doll and dressed it  and made a lot of clothes for it.  Very tired and my back aches.


Saturday 19th October

Went out shopping with Mum.  Bought a new hat, new shoes, new stockings, toothbrush and toothpaste.  Went to pics at night.  Very nice.  Have finished with Kath altogether.


Sunday 20th October

A Frenchman came in and gave me some French papers.  Got to know a lot of French from him.  Went to Grandma’s and took Mick.  He loves the car now.  After talked to Frenchman again and got to know some more.


Monday 21st October

Been in Miss Bamber’s room.  Mother to go to school tomorrow.  Did prep after tea. After went to pics  Liked it very much. Am very tired and glad to get in bed.


Tuesday 22nd October

Margaret Brown away from school with scarlet fever.  Didn’t have much of a day.  Did my prep after tea.  Wrote to Mabel and Auntie Nellie.  After did my nails and helped in bar.


Wednesday 23rd October

Mother went up to school.  Everything all right now.  Mother told me everything and I appreciate her very much for what she told me.  Did my art homework .  Miss Belk wants me to do something for her as she thinks my letters are nice.   


Thursday 24th October

Forgot my sewing so came home at dinnertime instead of going to Auntie’s.  Did prep before tea.  Got ready and went to see Emil Jannings in The Patriot.  It was simply wonderful.


Friday 25th October

Had some fun at school.  Have broken up for mid-term holiday.  Went to Grandma’s.  Took Aunt Nellie to pics.  It was very nice.  Played cards at night.  Won 9d.  Had a good game.


Saturday 26th October

Took Geoffrey in the park and fed ducks.  After went to pics with Geoffrey then  went for Winnie Lewis and we went round the fair together.  Won a few things, but not many.


Sunday 27th October

Am still at Grandma’s.  Took Geoffrey to park to feed the ducks.  Mother came but I didn’t go home with her.  Had some fun at night playing cards with Geoffrey.

Monday 28th October

Couldn’t go out in morning, so played at trains with Geoff.  Joan came in the afternoon then we went round the fair.  Dad came to Grandma’s and took me round the fair and then home.  Got my things ready for school.


Tuesday 29th October

Raining today so dug up my Wellingtons.  Had a fair day at school.  At night did prep before tea.  Then did my art lessons and finished them.  Then I went to bed and had nothing to do.


Wednesday 30th October

Have got on with my art very well.  Teacher very pleased.  Did prep after tea and then bought some Lux toilet soap.  Then went to pics to see Behind That Curtain,  a very nice pic indeed.


Thursday 31st October

Nothing much doing at school.  Did prep after tea. Couldn’t understand it very much.  Have an awful toothache.  Mum wants me to go to have it out but I’m not going to.















Huddersfield - L. S. Lowry


      College Love - 1929



          Tom King & car

Outside the Globe (public house) in Irongate, Derby.

Cathederal in background






Tram No. 13 in service outside the Norfolk Hotel, Handsworth, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s16477





Sheffield Tram No. 74 at the National Tramway Museum













      The Patriot 1928

The film is now lost

See a trailer for The Patriot



Irene is staying at her Grandma's in Rotherham



Geoffrey Wilkinson, Irenes cousin



  Rotherham Statutes Fair

Almost certainly the fair that Irene visited with Geoffrey and Winnie


The Statutes Fair was a regular event for many hundreds of years, until its demise in 1978 to make way for the new Rotherham Court House and Police Station


This photo was taken around the 1960s, but the scene would probably have been  similar in 1929










  The Lake at Clifton Park



Probably where Irene took Geoffrey to feed the ducks








Behind That Curtain 1928




Irene's art work for Miss Belk











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