Tuesday 1st January

Tried to teach Mick to jump. Went to pictures this afternoon.  Supposed to have gone to Grandma’s.  Am a bit lonely tonight


Wed 2nd January

Am at Grandma’s.  Went to pictures with Aunt Nellie at night and went to Hippodrome 2nd house.  Aunt Nellie didn’t like the show. When we got home Uncle Ernest was there.


Thursday 3rd January

Am still at Grandma’s. Played with Geoffrey this morning.  Geoffrey went to Aunt Gladys in afternoon.  Played at cards at night and won 2d.  Aunt Gladys asked me to tea tomorrow.  Had tripe for supper.


Friday 4th January

Didn’t  get up til late.  Went to Aunt Gladys in afternoon.  Enjoyed myself.  Went to pics at night.  After played cards and won 3d.  Laura owes me 1/2d


Saturday 5th January

Had to leave grandma’s to go to Joan’s party.  Enjoyed myself.  Met Mabel.  Also met 2 boys.  Had a good time with them.  Wish I was at Grandma’s.  Grandma poorly and stopped in bed all day.


Sunday 6th January

Had a quiet day – not much to speak of.  Went to Grandma’s in afternoon to see if she was any better.  Stopped up in sitting room with mother tonight.  Mother got a cold.  Grandma better.


Monday 7th  January

Went up to Woolworths  in morning and bought two records and some invitations. Spent afternoon in writing them out.  Went to pictures at night.  Liked it.  Mother better.  She is getting up early in morning.


Tuesday 8th  January

Mother and Dad been out all day.  Received a letter asking me to Ken’s party.  Went with Mabel and enjoyed myself very much.  Fred cannot come to my party. Am asking him again.


Wednesday  9th  January

Had my party today. I didn’t enjoy it but everybody else seemed to do.  Fred poisoned Ken against me.  Like Ken more than ever now.  Had a lot of kisses from Ken.


Thursday 10th January

Had a fair day.  Ethel called for me. Went to Edna’s to see if she would go to pics.  Found that she had gone out.  Went to pics by myself. Enjoyed it very much.


Friday 11th January

Got up late.  Went for photos and they weren’t  done.  Went again.  Got them and went to the Albert Hall.  Liked the picture.




Saturday 12th January

Went out shopping for Edna.  Went round Woolworth’s and bought 2 hankies.  Helped Dad at night.  Edna  stopped all night.  Bought a rubber apron.


Sunday 13th January

Fern and Wallace called and took them to Worksop.  Afterwards went to Grandma’s.  They had got a kitten.  Mrs Gill is going to buy me a rabbit.  Going to bed early.


Monday 14th January

Went  to Albert Hall in the afternoon.  Liked it very much.  Read my book at night.  Bought some mints.  Rung up Aunt Bill.  Had milk and crisps for supper.


Tuesday 15th January

Am back at school again after the Christmas hols.  Everything a bit topsy-turvy first day of the term. Went  to see the Ringer at night.  Thought it a lovely show.


Wednesday 16th January

Had a fine day snowballing at school.  Like Miss Dunn very much.  Did prep before tea. Went to see the Birch at night and liked it very much. Have a sore finger. Mum in London


Thursday 17th January

Had a bit of fun in geography lesson.  Elected form captain today.  Didn’t get a vote.  Elected squad leader as well.  Got a few votes. Went to see Burning The Wind.


Friday 18th January

Had a nice day.  M Williams turned out captain.  Mother coming home from London today.  Went to Robert’s.  Had to go dancing class.  Like going now.


Saturday 19th January

Went to Robert’s and bought a ‘tammy shanter’.  Went shopping.  Saw Edna in town.  Went round trying to get in the pics.  Couldn’t so came back and went to The Don again.



                                              T & J Roberts Drapers

(later became Roberts Brothers Ltd), Moorhead, Sheffield


Sunday 20th January

Got up early and went for a walk.  Went to Grandma’s and the rear light went.  Got stuck in the fog and didn’t get home til late.


Monday 21st January

Have started a club at school.  Came home early and did my prep and then got some ribbon and started making badges.  Did rules in bed.


Tuesday 22nd January

Everybody smirked at us because we had a club so we threw it.  Went to Woolworth’s and bought a ruler.  Went to see Rising To Fame. Liked it.


Wednesday 23rd January

Had a fair day. Did prep in school in afternoon instead of going to games.  Went to see G 45 second house.  Thought it a lovely show.


Thursday 24th January

Had a bit of fun coming home.  Auntie Bill’s house has been burgled.  Went to see A Hero For A Night.  Had to have some peppermint before going to bed.  Had a dreadful stomach ache.


Friday 25th January

Not had a bad day.  Forgot to take crafts to school.  Glad it was a Friday.  Went to dancing class and learnt a new dance. Went to bed early.


Saturday 26th January

Went to Woolworth’s in the morning and bought some bulbs.  Bought one that hadn’t to be grown in soil or given any water.  Went to Regent to see the circus.  Liked it very much.       


Sunday27th January

Went to grandma’s.  Snowing when we came home. Wanted to go to pics as it was Hospital Sunday, but they didn’t open.


Monday 28th January

Had a fair day.  Did prep after tea. Had some fun coming home.  Went to see Hunting Tower.  Thought it a nice show although some people said it was awful. 


Tuesday 29th January

School went down all right.  Had some fun.  Valerie took the wrong case home and had to go back for hers.  Didn’t go anywhere at night.  Stopped at home and played with Wangles.


Wednesday 30th January

Did prep before tea.  Mother gone to The Empire.  I wanted to go and see Aloma but Dad wouldn’t let me.  He gave me 1s 6d instead.  Read my book at night.  Leant Rhoda and Nellie 1d each to buy some chips.


Thursday 31st January

Stopped in at night to do my portfolio.  Mother sprained her ankle and couldn’t walk.  Had to look after her and see she didn’t walk.




Mick was the family's Jack Russell dog


Uncle Ernest was Ernest Bagnall, brother of Gertrude and husband of aunt Gladys




    Hippodrome Theatre

Cambridge Street, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s01461







Geoffrey Wilkinson, son of aunt Hilda who was married to Cyril Wilkinson



Aunt Gladys, wife of uncle Ernest Bagnall


Mabel Boyle, cousin of Joan Boyle who was the daughter of aunt Bill (Lily) nee' Bagnall. Lily was married to Percy Henderson Boyle

  Irene's mother Gertrude

Taken in 1915 when Gertrude was appearing in a musical production in Rotherham








              Albert Hall

Barkers Pool, Sheffield


Destroyed by fire 14th June 1937


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s01459




            Irene's father

Thomas Victor John King


Thomas was half of a comedy acrobatic act known as Victor and George

            Thomas King

in action on the stage


        A Tammy Shanter



            T & J Roberts

Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s02759

Photographer: Illustrated London News




Above and below


for Victor and George




Valerie Hadfield?





Rhoda and Nellie are thought to be employees at the Surrey Hotel




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