Friday 1st November

Have been moved into different desks at school.  Took Aunt Nellie out.  Couldn’t stop at Grandma’s as Mum is going to buy me a new coat in morning.  Aunt Hilda sprained her ankle.


Saturday 2nd November

Went shopping with Mum. Bought a new coat, some new gloves, knickers and a frock.  Went to pics at night.  Saw Shadows of the Night.  A very good pic.


Sunday 3rd November       

Went to Grandma’s. Took Mick.  After came home and went out with Florrie and Ethel.    Florrie going to get me some crackers wholesale.  Going to spend bonfire day in their yard.


Monday 4th  November

Didn’t have much of a day.  Florrie came and she couldn’t get the fireworks wholesale.  After we had a few games of blots and consequences.  Tried to do my art.  School birthday.  Did no lessons.


Tuesday 5th November

Bought some chestnuts and went and fetched my watch.  After went on to Florrie’s and had a bonfire.  Sent a lot of crackers off.  It was all right.  Mick was very frightened of them.  Have gone deaf through the crackers banging.


Wednesday 6th November

Couldn’t get up in morning. Was too tired.  Zona started to be poorly.  Did prep after tea. Then went to pics. Had seen it before. Went to bed early so that I can get up better.


Thursday 7th November

Had a fair day at school.  Mother supposed to have gone to school but didn’t.  Joan came.  Did my prep and then went up to Joan’s  to play.  Had a real good time.  Played at all sorts of games.


Friday 8th November

Zona excused from gym.  Started to learn trigonometry.  Didn’t do much at night.  Did some dancing with Marie.  After printed some notices.  Had tripe and onions for supper.  Phoned Aunt Bill.  Had a chat with her.   


Saturday 9th November

Went out shopping with Mum.  Bought a new collar.  Went to see Noah’s ark.  The most wonderful pic I’ve ever seen.  Went to pics at night also.  Not a bad pic.


Sunday 10th November

Mother gone a way for a few days.  Took Lillie and Rhoda in the car.  Had a real nice time.  Went to see the service in Barker’s Pool at night.


Monday 11th November

Had a holiday in afternoon.  Went to pics.  Not a bad pic.  Had some nice soup for dinner.  Went to see Bulldog Drummond.  A very nice pic.  Didn’t get to bed til late.  Had a big supper.

Note:  Bulldog Drummond was a talkie and Ronald Colman’s first one.


Tuesday 12th November

Didn’t have a good day.  It was pouring  so went to school in my beret.  At night did prep and then went to pics and saw The Three Kings.  A very nice picture.  Went to bed early.


Wednesday 13th November

Had just a fair day.  Mother’s coming back tomorrow.  Aunt Lillie came down.  Went to pics at night.  Not a bad picture but had seen it before.


Thursday 14th November

Mother came home again.  She brought  me a frock back but it was too small so had to have it sent back.         

Did prep after tea.  Made a little notebook at night.


Friday 15th November

Have fallen out with Margaret and she is starting to mock me.  Zona also gone on to Margaret’s side, but don’t care.  Went to pics at night.  A very good pic.  Mother bought me another new dress.  Have got 3 now.


Saturday 16th November

Didn’t have a bad day and went out shopping with Mum.  Bought new pair of shoes.  Had a game with Charlie.  He took it lovely.  Alice slept with me.


Sunday 17th November

Went to Grandma’s and had a nice time.  Met Alice at night and she took me into King’s Head.  It was very nice there.


Monday 18th November

Went to school in my new shoes.  They aren’t half giving me socks.  They hurt terribly.  Margaret still mocking although in a friendly manner.  Went to see The Bondman.  Not a bad pic.  Have packed my shoes to try and stretch them.


Tuesday 19th November

Did a quotation at night to take to school in the morning to show the art teacher.  My shoes do not hurt so much now.  Did prep before tea.


Wednesday 20th November

Teacher says quotation not so bad.  Did prep before tea.  Alice called and we went to The Hippodrome. Could not get in first half, went second.  Dad came and took us home in the car.


Thursday 21st November

Hurried home from school and went to see The Silent House.  After came home, had tea, did my prep and then mother and I went to The Central to see the talkie.  Not a bad pic.

          Central Picture House, Nos 69/71, The Moor, Sheffield


Friday 22nd November

Margaret and Zona and Nancy picking on me again.  They are getting me to hate them.  Did my prep after tea.  Went second house to see The Canary Murder Case.  Not a bad pic.  Our Mick seems jumpy.


Saturday 23rd November

Alice came and we went to the cinema and had a coffee.  After went to Woolworth’s.  Did my quotation at night. Have an awful pain in the bottom of my back.  Alice slept with me.


Sunday 24th November

Alice and I bathed our Mick.  Went to see Mr Oldfield.  After went Grandma’s.  My back still aching.  Had some gin at night and some olive oil rubbed on.


Monday 25th November

Went to Doctor’s in the morning.  He said my pain was just a cold.  Went to school in afternoon.  Didn’t have much prep to do.  Went with Alice at night to the pics.  Not a bad show.


Tuesday 26th November

Maths  homework was absolutely awful.  Had a novelty given to me.  Did prep after tea.  After went to see Submarine.  A very nice picture.  Am getting more fed up with public life.  Wish I could have a private house.             

Wednesday 27th November

Margaret, Nancy and I are pals again.  Mum gone to see Journey’s End.  Did prep after tea.  Went to see Words and Music.  Had to wait, couldn’t get in.  Got in and a very nice pic.


Thursday 28th November

Margaret and I still quite friendly.  Did a lot of quotations at night.  After did my prep.  Couldn’t go to the dance but Alice came and we had a talk.  Alice can’t stop tonight.  Had an oyster.  Like them very much. 


Friday 29th November

For once, Margaret and I have quarrelled.  What a wonder!  Didn’t have much of a day.  Had some real fun in Botany lesson.  Just lounged about at night.  Didn’t do much.  A man came from Birmingham to see the house (public house).


Saturday 30th November

Went out shopping in afternoon.  Bought a rubber.  Did my prep at night.  Also had a mudpack.  Rather rowdy at night.
















Shadows of the Night 1928


Shadows of the Night is an American film first released in 1928, directed by D. Ross Lederman.  The film stars Flash the Dog, Lawrence Gray, Louise Lorraine, Warner Richmond and Tom Dugan.






















        Noah's Ark 1928



View a clip from Noah's Ark



          Armistice Day

11th November 1918



Night time view of

  Sheffield War Memorial

Barkers Pool, Sheffield



Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s07637








  Bulldog Drummond 1929








  Watch Bulldog Drummond






    The Three Kings 1929


























        Kings Head Hotel

High Street Sheffield

Looking down towards Fitzalan Square






Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - y00800









    The Bondman 1929











  The Silent House 1929


Crowds waiting to see the first musical 'The Broadway Melody' at The Central Picture House. First opened 30 January 1922.


Date: 1929

Photographer: Kevin Wheelan

Copyright:    Kevin Wheelan


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s02707


    The Broadway Melody









  The Canary Murder Case

1929 film - Wikipedia




Watch the film

The Canary Murder Case








        Submarine 1928


    Words and Music 1929


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