Sunday 1st September

Dad came and we went round amusements.  Went to Tower Café.  Came home at night.

Monday 2nd September

Had a fair day.  Went out shopping.  Bought a tube of New Mixes.  Went to pics at night.  After tried to do the stock.  Made a hankie satchel.


Tuesday 3rd September

Went round Woolworth’s and bought Mick a dog collar.  Bathed our Mick.  Helped Mum in bar at night.  Kath called in and we had a chat.


Wednesday 4th September

Had my gym slip let down.  Went out in the car in afternoon.  Had a lovely time.  Went to Regent – a very nice pic.  Saw Margaret in town.  Nancy in hospital.


Thursday 5th September

Bought some lining for my gym slip.  Went to meet Kath.  Played pairs in afternoon .  Went to pics second house.  It was an awful picture.  Did my maths at night.


Friday 6th September

Went out shopping.  Bought a new felt hat for school and some nail polish.  Read my book in afternoon.  Helped in bar at night.  All the staff blind drunk except one.  Am feeling a bit stiff.


Saturday 7th September

Ran errands in morning.  Went out shopping with Nora in afternoon.  Helped Mum in the bar at night.  Washed the glasses.  Jerry paid up.  Am feeling very tired.


Sunday 8th September

Went out for the day with Mum in the car.  Gathered a lot of blackberries. Kath came and we went for a walk.  Charlie living in.


Monday 9th September

Went and bought some tape and laces for my shoes.  Sewed name on my shoes in afternoon.  Went to pics at night.  After packed my books ready for school.


Tuesday 10th September

Have started school again and have been put in 11b.  Have taken all my books to school.  Marked all my clothes at night and then went to see Weary River.  It was a very nice pic.


Wednesday 11th September

Did a few lessons.  Have started learning chemistry.  Went to baths with Margaret.  Quite enjoyed it.  Kath came and we had a chat together about certain things.


Thursday 12th September

Has been very hot.  Called for Kath but she wasn’t ready.  Played games all afternoon.  Had Nora up a pole.  Went to pics with Kath.  After went a bit of a walk.


Friday 13th September

Voted for our captain today.  Did a lot of things at school instead of lessons.  Saw our things were marked.  Went to see George.  Mum and I had a game of cards.  Kath came and we played at consequences.


Saturday 14th September

Got up early and took Mick for a walk then gave Mick a bath.  Bought some pencils.  Jerry left.  Went to pics at night.  Not a bad pic.  After helped with glasses.


Sunday 15th September

Went some errands with R.  After Dad took us for a run in the car.  Went to Endcliffe Park at night.

Monday 16th September

Got into trouble at school.  Winnie Twigg has been expelled.  Did prep before tea.  Went to pics at night.  A very good picture.  Sewed some buttons on my gym blouse.


Tuesday 17th September

Had to sign the block at school.  Voted for squad leaders.  Did prep before tea.  Went to the Albert Hall. Cried my eyes up.  It was a lovely picture.


Wednesday 18th September

Nothing much happened at school.  Did a dance in the room at night.  Sent to bed for being naughty.  Kath came but wasn’t allowed to see her.


Thursday 19th September

Forgot to take my needlework.  Wish it was the end of the week.  Went to pics – a very good pic.  Did prep before tea.  Very easy to do.


Friday 20th September

Had to move my place at school.  Sat next to Zona now.  Went for a walk on the Bar until Kath came home and then we had a chat together.


Saturday 21st September

Went and bought some tracing paper.  Did prep in afternoon.  Helped in bar at night.  Helped with glasses afterwards. Kath slept with me.


Sunday 22nd  September

Went out for the day rambling.  Went as far as Foxhouse.  Had a really good day.  Went up to the Toll Bar.  Kath slept with me.


Monday 23rd September

Nothing happened much.  Sent Zona a halfpenny.  Waited for Kathleen at night.  She came and was a bit mardy over something with me.


Tuesday 24th September

Today seems to have passed very quickly.  Went to see the Scarlet Woman.  A very nice picture.  Kath didn’t want to go and is mardy again over me.   


Wednesday 25th September

Went to school in morning.  After did prep before tea. Went to The Regent.  Saw Victor McLaglan in a very good picture.  Kath and I had a quarrel.  Patched it up. 


Thursday 26th September

Was elected form representative at school.  Made some posies and sold them.  Made a big profit up to now.  Went to see Rin Tin Tin.  A very good pic.


Friday 27th September

Had a real good time at school.  Made some more posies and sold them.  Went to meet Kath at night.  Had a chat afterwards and was very tired.


Saturday 28th September

Made some more flowers.  Did prep after dinner.  Changed my mattress.  Helped in bar at night.  Kath came and slept with me.


Sunday 29th September

Went out for the day with Kath.  Had a real good time.  Got lost and had to come home by bus.  Kath slept


Monday 30th September

Had a nice day at school. Mum came home from Yarmouth.  Brought me a lovely pencil and a trinket box.  At night made Mum an extra special posey.  Had some rock given me.







        Blackpool Tower


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Another view of

      The Regent Cinema

Barkers Pool, looking towards Town Hall Square. Cinema House on left, The Regent on right probably taken 1927-1930


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s13269

Photographer: Valentine's Series














        Weary River 1929

Weary River is a 1929 American romantic drama film directed by Frank Lloyd and starring Richard Barthelmess, Betty Compson, and William Holden. -  Wikipedia

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Learn how to play Consequences











            Endcliffe Park

The Band Stand


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s08096











Joan Boyle and Zona Wills, Photo taken 1929





            Foxhouse Inn

Hathersage Road, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - v02398

Date: 1921

Photographer: John Hartley Brackenbury

Copyright: Austin Brackenbury


View a 360 degree panorama of the modern day Foxhouse Inn at

Panoramic Earth




          Victor Maclaglen



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