Monday 1st April

Not feeling very well.  Mother came to see me.


Tuesday 2nd April

Mother sent me a parcel with an Easter egg in.


Wednesday 3rd April

Feeling fine.  Mum came to see me.


Thursday 4th April

Got up and had a bath.


Friday 5th April

Got up and helped nurse to give tea out.


Saturday 6th April

My birthday.  Had a lot of cards and a lovely cake sent.  Had quite a lot of presents.       


Sunday 7th April

Still in.  Had my stitches out today.


Monday 8th April

Feeling fine.  Sister says I can go home tomorrow .  Had the gramophone on.


Tuesday 9th April

Have come out of hospital.  Made some shell flowers and sold two.  Wrote to Mabel.


Wednesday 10th April

Went up to hospital in the morning to have wound dressed.  Made some more shell flowers.  Did Kath’s and my nails. Used nail white.


Thursday 11th April

Went to William’s and bought some leaves.  Was to have gone to Grandma’s but didn’t.  Clarice came.  Did Kath’s hair and mine.  Water waved it.  It looked quite nice.


Friday 12th April

Went up to hospital.  Haven’t got to go again.  Went chasing all round for flower wire and couldn’t get any.  Rhoda got a septic toe.  Gave Kath a beauty pack.


Saturday 13th April

Went out a walk round town and went to Lyon’s for a cup of Horlicks Milk.  Got a letter from Mabel. Stayed in at night.




Sunday 14th April

Went to fetch Uncle Bruce and then went to Grandma’s.  Went to Encliffe Park with Kath.  Quite enjoyed myself.



Monday 15th April

Got a parcel from Miss Hadfield.  Clarice came. Went a run to Chesterfield.  Charlie sprained his ankle.  Kath had to look after shop so went across to help.


Tuesday 16th April

Went up to the hospital and saw Miss Hadfield.  Went to dressmakers with Clarice for a new frock.

Kath came and we did some chips. Neck going on champion.


Wednesday 17th April

Went to see The Bird’s Nest.  Liked it.  After went to Bruce’s digs and had supper.  Got home at 2.15am.  Nearly ran over a cat on the way home.  All my scabs off my neck.


Thursday 18th April

Went to Mrs South’s to have my dress tried on.  Clarice bought me a new bag.  Kath came and we went to see 13 Washington Square – a nice picture. Clarice slept with me.


Friday 19th April

Went to Grandma’s with Clarice.  Grandma gave me 12 shillings and Aunt Hilda 5 shillings.  Kath came and we watched the passers-by through the window.


Saturday 20th April

Went and had my hair cut.  Went out shopping.  My new dress came.  Kath came and we messed about.



Sunday 21st April

Had a lovely journey to Brighton.  Saw some rabbits,  pheasants and a fox.  Fixed nice digs near the front.


Monday 22nd April

Went and hired a camera.  Bought a velvet coatee.  Went on the pier to listen to the band.  Went to see Mercenary Mary – a jolly good show.


Tuesday 23rd April

Went to pics in afternoon to see Rasputin.  Went for a walk on the promenade.  Went to pics again at night to see Modern Mothers.


Wednesday 24th April

Went to Bognor and took a snap of the King’s House.  Nearly got knocked down by a runaway horse.


Thursday 25th April

Went for a run in the car.  Had our lunch on the road.  Went to the pics at night.  Have got 8 shillings left.


Friday 26th April

Bought a new book and read it in the afternoon while mater went to bed.  Went to the pics at night to see Powder My Back and Virginia’s Husband.


Saturday 27th April

Spent the morning shopping.  Went on the beach in the afternoon and read my book. Went a walk at night.




Sunday 28th April

Went to London and stopped at The Royal Hotel.  Went to Regent’s Park and fed the squirrels.  Went in the underground and on the moving staircase.


Monday 29th April

Set off for home early.  Had a lovely journey back.  Kath came and we went to The Empire.  It’s a lovely show.   


Tuesday 30th April

Didn’t feel much like going out.  Went across for Kathleen and Dad taught me a new card trick.





Irene is still in hospital but unfortunately she doesn't mention which hospital.


      Water Waved Hair

Although considered very radical by many in the early 1920's, bobbed hair quickly became the desired standard for young girls and young women, but was also very popular with middle-aged women in their thirties and forties. The original plain bobs eventually gave way to much more attractive shingled bobs or incorporated waves and curls using sophisticated cuts to add style and interest.

Information & picture from squidoo.com


Irene later trained to be a beautician and hairdresser in Derby in the 1930s  at Midland Drapery who ran an apprentice scheme.








      Town Hall Chambers

J Lyons & Co Dining and Tea Rooms, Town Hall Square, and Barkers Pool



Image used with permission from Sheffield City Council Planning Service, and Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s13292

Copyright: Department of Land and Planning








Uncle Bruce is thought to be a friend of Irene's father, and not her real uncle




Queen Victoria Monument

Endcliffe Park





Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - w00681






Charles Walsham, Kathleen's father. Kathleen's mother Emma had died in 1926








  13 Washington Square

1928 Movie





Irene appears to be going on holiday to Brighton

      Postcard of Brighton

showing a crowded seafront



From Google Images




          Mercenary Mary

1925 Musical


  Rasputin the Black Monk

1917 Movie





  Brighton Pier and Beach




From Google Images





        Sheffield Empire



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