Saturday 1st June

Went up to Zona’s for maths homework.  After went to Attercliffe with Bruce.  Went up to Millhouses Park at night.  Kath slept with me.


Sunday 2nd June

Went to Grandma’s. Have got in with Sally Kempton again.  Kath promised to come home but didn’t.  Said she couldn’t help it.


Monday 3rd June

Went to school. Went and fetched my films and they had turned out lovely.  After went to the pictures and then came home and darned my stockings.


Tuesday 4th June

Have bought some stuff to make a skirt.  Washed all my stockings and made them look respectable.  After water waved Kath’s hair.  Had soup for supper.


Wednesday 5th June

Had some fun at school.  Was raining when I came home. Went across to Kath;s.  My shirt’s finished.


Thursday 6th June

Went to school and had a fine time.  Kath came and I did her nails.  After went to the pics.  Mum gone to The Royal.


Friday 7th June

Went out with Mum.  Had a new pair of shoes. Went to the dirt track with Kath.  B Rounds was gorgeous.  15 had to be carried off. Two taken in ambulance. 


Photo from Google Images


Saturday 8th June

Mum gone out for the day.  Rhoda was dead asleep.  Kath stopped to tea and slept all night.  The girlfriend didn’t turn up.


Sunday 9th June

Stopped at home and got Dad’s tea ready.  Kath slept with me.


Monday 10th June

Kath went to the tram terminus with me.  She sent a message to me.  Went to Millhouses Park.  After came home and played about.     

Tuesday 11th June

Went to Miss Brooke for a bath ticket.  Winnie came home with me.  Fetched my shoes and had a lovely bath.


Wednesday 12th June

Had a fair day.  Went to the baths again and got some water in my ears.  Couldn’t go to dirt track as it was raining but went to The Hip instead.  A nice show.


Thursday 13th June

School went down all right.  Went in fields and had an ice.  After went to Margaret’s.  Bought a film.  Went across for Kath.


Friday 14th June

Took my camera to school.  Turned out a rotten day.  Took Grandma all the same.  Went to see Speedy at night.  Thought it a nice pic.


Saturday 15th June

Went out shopping. Bought a compass and a ruler.  Went for a bit of a walk at night.  Kath gone to dirt track.


Sunday 16th June

Dad gone on his holidays.  Went up to Aunt Lily’s and played with Joan and Uncle. 


Monday 17th June

Kath isn’t friends with me.  Had to go to Bamber’s home. Went to the pictures to see the Butterfly on the Wing.  Thought it very good.


Tuesday 18th June

Went to school and arranged to go to the baths.  Went and fetched my films.  They have turned out quite nice.  Did my prep after tea.


Wednesday 19th June

Did maths homework in class.  Bought Margaret a birthday card. Did my other prep after tea.  Has been a terribly hot day.


Thursday 20th June

Saw Kath and she just passed me.  Went to Margaret’s to tea and it was her birthday.  Had a real good time.  Had some snaps of us taken.


Friday 21st June

Winnie came and stopped to tea.  Played at ping pong.  Lost sixpence.  After sold some flags for the blind.


Saturday 22nd June

Went to Margaret’s but she wasn’t in.  Went up to Zona’s and had a grass fight and a game of dares.  After went to the pics.


Sunday 23rd June

Went out to Aunt Lily’s to tea.  All the family was there.  Came home and went for a walk.


Monday 24th June

Had some fun at school.  Margaret came to play at night and we played Ping Pong and then went for a walk.  Did a dance with Roma.


Tuesday 25th June

Took some photos at school.  Was going to baths but changed my mind. Went to see a talkie pic.  The Singing Fool.  It was simply lovely.


Wednesday 26th June

The photos came out rotten.  Went to Zona’s and had a grass fight and game of dares.  Had a very funny letter.


Thursday 27th June

Grandma left Aunt Lily’s. Fern and Wallace at our house.  Went to the pics and saw Forgotten Faces.  It was a lovely picture.


Friday 28th June

Had some fun coming home.  Bought some Kali.  Roma came in drunk and got paid up.  She bought a lovely Pekinese dog.


Saturday 29th June

Went for a walk and bought some Colgate’s tooth polish.  After went to the pictures – it was a lovely pic.


Sunday 30th June

Went up to Mabel’s but she couldn’t come to tea.  Went for a long walk with Florrie and afterwards played at ball with Mick.







  Millhouses Bathing Pool

Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s03961

Photographer: R. Sneath.



Interesting 1933 footage filmed at Millhouses Park open air swimming pool

        Sheffield Spartans




                how to...

                how to...



              Bert Round


Bert Round was born in 1903 in Sheffield.


He rode for Barnsley in the 1929 English Dirt Track League.


Information from:

Speedway History

















Millhouses Tram Terminus

Irene is probably refering to the Millhouses tram terminus as she also mentions going to Millhouses Park.




Millhouses Tram Terminus, Millhouses Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in the background, Abbeydale Road South

Image - s12850





A view from the opposite direction

Abbeydale Road, Millhouses Tram Terminus, Tram 217



Image's used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s12835















            Speedy 1928

Watch a clip from Speedy















    The Singing Fool 1928



          Kali or Sherbert

Jars of colourful kali powder in a sweetshop



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