Thursday 1st August

Margaret had to go home.  She didn’t want to go.  Had the gramophone down in the kitchen. Read to Rhoda. Helped Mum in the bar at night.


Friday 2nd August

Had a fairly quiet day.  Went out round Woolworth’s. Saw Lillian. At night went to see Dracula.  It was very nice.


Saturday 3rd August

Went to Kath’s and then we went round Woolworth’s.  Had 2 new pairs of stockings and some new shoes bought me.  Went to pics at night.  Alice stopped all night.


Sunday 4th August

Went to Grandma’s in afternoon.  Helped Mum in the bar.  Alice and I went up to Francis’s and had dinner.


Monday 5th August (bank holiday)

Had a rotten day.  Went out advertising Allsopp in the afternoon.  Went to dirt track at night – a rotten show.


Tuesday 6th August

Bought a bathing costume in morning.  Went to the baths with Alice and Francis.  Mugged ourselves coming home.  Went to Don at night. Quite a nice pic.


Wednesday  7th August

Went out with Mum shopping.  Bought 3 pairs of knickers.  Went to Abbeydale gala.  Saw the transparent lady and some boxing.  Lost my Gloops badge and my ring.


Thursday 8th August

Went to see if we could find my ring.  No luck.  Went with Rhoda to the hospital then went to Abbeydale Park Gala.  Dad fetched me home in the car.


Friday 9th August

Spent a few hours practicing the banjalele.  Mr Dove came.  Dad and Mum kept busy all day.  Went to pics at night.  Old Knowles let me in for nothing. 


Saturday 10th August

Had a quarrel with Rhoda.  Went shopping.  Went to Abbeydale Park with Kath.  Had a nice time.  Had a bit of a tiff coming home.  Alice stopped all night.


Sunday 11th August

Went out for the day in the car.  Went to see a house (another pub).  It was awful.  I really enjoyed our day out with Mum


Monday 12th August

Went out with Dad in morning.  Bought a sleeping cap.  Went to pics at night.  Very nice.  Took Uncle back to Rotherham in the car and saw a shooting star.


Tuesday 13th August

Went for Ethel and we played tennis in the afternoon.  Went up to Mrs South’s.  Had a farce on the way. Had a nice time at night.  Ethel slept with me.


Wednesday 14th August

Ethel went home.  Went to meet Margaret but she didn’t turn up.  Went a picnic with Ethel and Florrie.  Went to dirt track at night.  7,000 were there.



Thursday 15th August

Went to Millhouses Park with Dad in the car.  Had some fun. Went to bed at night.  Had a bad cold so had some hot lemonade to sweat me. 


Friday 16th August

Helped Mum clean the carpet.  Went to be tried out at Mrs Armes.  Went to Grandma’s in afternoon.

Had 3/6d given me.  Went to pics at night.  Very nice.


Saturday 17th August

Did a lot of washing and packing up.  Went out shopping in afternoon.  Had a bath at night.  Went to bed early.


Sunday 18th August

Had a nice journey. Went in a lot of amusement places.  Went to pics at night.  A very nice show.


Monday 19th August

Went on pleasure beach in morning. Won a lot of things.  Dad gone home.  Went on sands with Zona in afternoon.  Went to pics at night.  Two very nice pics.


Tuesday 20th August

Had a nice day. Went on the sands and also went in The Tower. Went to pics at night. Bert came home drunk.


Wednesday 21st August

Not feeling too well today.  Went out on the sands and lost my bag with my keys in.  Had a parcel sent me.  Went to pics with Annie and Wilf at night.  Not a bad pic.


Thursday 22nd August

Went for a stroll at morning.  Got a film and took a lot of views.  A Woolworths’ one – they seem all right.    Went to pics with Annie and Wilf again.


Friday 23rd August

Didn’t get up til 12.  Went out on the sands and it was raining so came home and went to the pics – a very nice show.

                1929 Postcard showing Blackpool Illuminations


Saturday 24th August

Raining in the morning.  Couldn’t go out.  Sun shining so went on sands to try and get sun burnt .  Went to the circus at night.  It was lovely.


Sunday 25th August

Sat on the front with Annie.  Went to Pablos.  Went to pics with Annie and Wilf.  Florrie bought me a note.


Monday 26th August

Went on sands and had a deckchair.  Tried to get sunburnt.  Went paddling.    Went on pleasure beach with Annie and Wilf.  Got my photos.


                        Irene centre front, with others on the beach


Tuesday 27th August

Bought some postcards and sent them.  Bought a towel and went paddling.  Had £1 sent me.  Went to see Richard Dix in a talkie.  It was great.


Wednesday 28th August

Went on sands paddling in afternoon.  Went with Annie and Wilf to the park.  Played with Bert at consequences at night.

                                    Irene and Annie, August 1929

Taken at Bert Hall's Studio, 187 Promenade, Blackpool


Thursday 29th August

Bought a tie for Dad.  Received a letter from him with 2 shillings in.  Went to Bert’s and pulled Eric’s leg.  Stopped in at night and read my book.  Played that game again.  Read book in bed.


Friday 30th August

Didn’t get up til lunchtime.  Bought a card for Mrs Wilson.  Went to Bert’s in afternoon.  Went to pics at night – a lovely pic.


Saturday 31st August

Went round amusement arcades. Bought some stuff and tried to make a hankie satchel.  Bought hankies and hankie satchel for Mum.  Started packing up.








              Dixon Lane

from Haymarket During excavations for Woolworths new store


Photo taken in 1960

The old Woolworths store can be seen just to the right of centre



Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s00193

Photographer: R.S.Smith




Nosferatu (Dracula) 1922

See a clip from Dracula

Or watch the Whole Movie














The banjolele is a four-stringed musical instrument with a small banjo-type body and a fretted ukulele neck.  Introduced by Alvin D. Keech in 1917.

The instrument achieved its greatest popularity in the 1920s and '30s, and combines the small scale, tuning, and playing style of a ukulele with the construction and distinctive tone of a banjo, hence the name.


Information from Wikipedia






            Sleeping Cap

1920s-30s Style




at Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield

Date: 14/08/1929

Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s04089


The crowd number does not agree with Irene's total, but 43,000 does seem a little on the high side!











Irene is getting ready for her holiday in Blackpool

Crowds at Blackpool 1929

Postcard from The Nostalgia postcard Collectors Club








  Reverse of the Postcard

Showing the 1929 postmark


        Annie and Irene

Sitting on the front at Blackpool



August 1929 Taken at Bert Hall's Studio, 187 Promenade, Blackpool


See Richard Dix in the 1929 Talkie Nothing But the Truth



sitting on the Prom at Blackpool


        Irene at Blackpool




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