Wednesday 1st May

Went out shopping.  Went up to Scala to meet Kath.  Kath came and I taught her some dancing.  After wet all the floor squirting.


Thursday 2nd May

Went to Huddersfield for the day in the car.  Had lunch at a café.  Kath came and we went to The Don.  Afterwards went for a walk on the Bar.






Friday 3rd May

Went shopping,  Kath came.  Went to the Doctors to be passed out for school.  Went to the pics to see The Red Dancer of Moscow.


Saturday 4th May

Went for a picnic and took the portable gramophone with us.  Afterwards went round the rag market.  Enjoyed it.


Sunday 5th May

Went to Grandma’s.  Picked a lot of primroses on the way.  Kath came and we went a walk.


Monday 6th May

Have started school again.  Everybody  glad to have me back.  Found the work a bit hard first day.  Kath came and we played in the kitchen.


Tuesday 7th May

Got along all right.  Did prep before tea and a bit after.  Kath came and we looked out of the window.  Wrote a letter.


Wednesday 8th May

Had a nice day at school. Went to the dirt track with Kath and Charlie and oh what thrills we had.

                                      Programme Image from

                                                  Ricky Ashworth

                            Clem Beckett racing for the Sheffield Tigers

                Johnny Broughton - Taken 1929 in the Pits at Sheffield


Thursday 9th May

Kath had holiday.  Did homework before tea. Went to The Don and expected to meet somebody but didn’t.  Joan came to see me.


Friday 10th May

Have got a week of school over.  Went and bought some canvas and raffia and started to make a pouchette at Kath’s.  Terry very drunk.  Couldn’t go home.


Saturday 11th May

Went to pic with Kath and had tea in the country.  Afterwards went to the dirt track.     

Sunday 12th May

Went out for the day in the car.  Came back and went round town  with Kath.  Saw EB and FC.


Monday 13th May

Went to school.  Afterwards went across to Kath’s.  Then went to pics and saw The Student Prince.  A lovely pic.  A man hit a fella with a glass.     


Tuesday 14th May

Had a lot of homework to do.  Got through it all right.  Went across to Kath’s and did some sewing.  Made a lovely shirt.


Wednesday 15th May

Went to school.  Had no prep to do.  Went to the dirt track.  Had a programme.


Thursday 16th May

Have broken up for Whitsuntide. Went to the pictures in afternoon. Went out for a walk at night.  Met somebody I know.


Friday 17th May

Went out shopping.  After, went out a few errands with Kath then went out in the country.  Met somebody again.


Saturday 18th May

Went and bought some new shoes. Went round the market with Kath.  After went to their house.   


Sunday 19th May

Went to Grandma’s. Joan Boyle was there. Went to church.  After went a walk with Kath.


Monday 20th May

Went out for the day with Kath to Whyming Brook.  Past Lodgemoor and Redmire’s.  Had a nice day.

                                          The Wyming Brook


Tuesday 21st May

Went for a run in the car.  Kath went to Darnall and played tennis.  Went to the pics first house.  After went with Kath to the fair and enjoyed it.


Wednesday 22nd May

Went to Marks and Spencer and bought a pair of stockings. Went out on a picnic after came home and went with Kath to the fair.


Thursday 23rd May

Went for a walk with Kath.  After went round the fair and spent 2 shillings.  Mother went to The Don – said the pic was poor.


Friday 24th May

Kathleen came across and we read books. I changed my bedroom.  Saved 8d and 2d and 10d.  Went to Mrs Armes and had my dress tried on.  Am saving for a tennis dress.


Saturday 25th May

Kath came and we went for a run in the car.  Saved 8d.  Uncle Ernest came.  Bought a hat, some stockings and tooth paste.


Sunday 26th May

Mother gone to London for the day.  Went to Darnall with Kath.  Uncle Bruce came and gave me 2 shillings.  Have 4 shillings and 2d now.


Monday 27th May

Clarice came and bought Mum some tea roses.  After we went to the pictures.  Went with Kath to The Empire second house.  It was an excellent show.


Tuesday 28th May

Have started school again worse luck.  Hadn’t much prep to do. Bought some black stockings. Went to see Uncle Bruce’s show.


Wednesday 29th May

Found it hard to get up.  Went for my films.  Bought a fountain pen.  Went to the dirt track to see Sprouts Elder.  Not as good as could be.


                                      Images of Sprouts Elder from


Thursday 30th May

School went down all right.  Did my prep after tea.  Went across for Kath and she was cleaning out her drawers.  Had Mick weighed. He Is 1 stone 9 and a half lbs.  I weighed 6 stone 5 lbs.


Friday 31st May           

Didn’t get up til 8 o’clock.  Dad took me to school in the car and took Nancy and Margaret as well.  Kath came across and we tried to make the sewing machine go.  After went across to Kath’s.



      The Scala Cinema

Brook Hill, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - y02934





  The Don Picture Palace

West Bar, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s02721
















            Sheaf Market

Rag and Tag

    Sheffield City Centre


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s07466





















      Sheffield Speedway

The 1929 English Dirt Track League was the inaugural season of speedway racing in the United Kingdom for Northern English teams. The season was littered with mid-season withdrawals but eventually the Leeds Lions were crowned champions. In 1930, the league was renamed the Northern League so the league existed for just one year.


Owlerton was a purpose built speedway track built in 1929. It operated for most of the pre-war years and re-opened for a short spell in 1945. The team operated in the Northern League of 1946 and in the National League Division Two between 1947 and 50. It closed part way through 1951 and staged open meetings in 1952. The track re-opened in 1960 and has operated most seasons since then. The team has been known as The Tigers apart from part of 1950 when they were known as The Tars. Their official track record holder is current captain and No.1 Ricky Ashworth with a time of 59.1 seconds.


Website Sheffield Tigers


          Sheffield Tigers

          Ricky Ashworth

Google Images







Speedway has taken place at two separate venues in the Sheffield area, the first being in 1929. That first meeting took place at Owlerton Sports Stadium on the Penistone Road on 30th March 1929. It was watched by a crowd in excess of 15000 and proved to be a triumph for Clem Beckett who won the Golden Helmet.


The team rose through the various leagues, reaching British League Division One in 1968. By 1995 they reached the Premier League and have remained a prominent force ever since. Tigers











          How to make a





  The Student Prince 1927





    The Wyming Brook

is a river in the City of Sheffield, England. Its source is the Redmires Reservoirs near the Hallam Moors. It flows in a northeasterly direction for over a kilometer down quite steep terrain into the lower of the Rivelin Dams. There is a path that runs alongside the brook which is popular with walkers. The path can be quite steep, with it and the brook falling over 100 m in a kilometre. The river flows almost its entire length within the Wyming Brook Nature Reserve. The surrounds are wooded near the bottom and more open near the top, with stunning views of the Rivelin Valley and beyond.


Picture and information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



      Marks and Spencer

Number 58/60 South Street, Moor, Sheffield, 1920 - 1939


Image used with permission from Marks and Spencer plc, and Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s00881


Photographer and copyright Marks & Spencer







          Empire Theatre

Charles Street, Sheffield


Photographer J W M

Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s01600



    Lloyd (Sprouts) Elder

Sprouts Elder was one of speedway's pioneers and featured in the first Star Riders' Championship, the forerunner to the Speedway World Championship in 1929. He was beaten in the semi final of the 'overseas' section by Vic Huxley.

In 1927 he won Australian Championship, against top Australian as well as several top British and American riders who also spent the winter months racing in the Australian summer. Elder also won titles in South America.


1928 saw Elder turn his attention to racing in the United Kingdom, becoming one of the most popular riders in the country. He could command fees of £100 per meeting, plus prize money, and once earned £350 in a day by racing at three nearby tracks. He is estimated to have earned £50,000 in his first three years of riding in Britain. Crowds of 30,000 to 40,000 were not uncommon at larger meetings during the heyday of speedway racing in England. Elder's popularity was revealed when the British paper Speedway News honoured Elder by calling him the greatest showman of all time. In 1928 he won several titles in Britain, including the Golden Helmet at White City, Manchester, the Golden Gauntlet and West Ham Championship at West Ham, the Silver Wheel and Silver Sash at Wimbledon, the Silver Belt at Custom House, and the Golden Helmet at Leicester. He also rode for the West Ham Hammers. In 1930 he rode for the Southampton Saints.


      Information from

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia








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