Friday 1st March

Mother’s writing

Should have come home but decided to stay until Saturday.


Saturday 2nd March

Mother’s writing

Came home from London.  Not been very busy.  My cough still bad.


Sunday 3rd March

Mother’s writing

Saw Irene for first time.  She looks well but wants to come home.


Monday  4th March

Mother’s writing

Wrote to Irene. Feeling a bit heady.


Tuesday 5th March

Mother’s writing

Wrote to Irene.  She is sent to Redmires today.



Wednesday 6th March

Mother’s writing

Went to Albert Hall to see Flesh and The Devil


Thursday7th March

Mother’s writing

Went to see The Show Boat.  Did not care a lot for it.


Friday 8th March

Mother’s writing

Business bad.


Saturday 9th March

Mother’s writing

Not very busy but perhaps next week will be better with Fern and Wallace.


Sunday 10th March

Mother’s writing

Went to see Irene.  Also saw Grandma and Auntie Hilda.


Monday 11th March

Mother’s writing

Fern and Wallace working here. Missing Irene very much.


Tuesday 12th March

Mother’s writing

Went to Rotherham to see Mother.  Hilda up in the bedroom with flu.


Wednesday 13th March

Mother’s writing

Dad went out to the Hippo and Cinema in the afternoon.


Thursday 14th March

Mother’s writing

Had a TC to fetch.  Irene home. Must be up there by 9.45.  Fetched her home and she looks well.


Friday 15th March

Back to Irene’s writing

Am back home again, thank goodness.  Liked hospital.  Must not mix with any children for 3 days.  Have to have 2 weeks holiday, so am going to enjoy myself.  Wrote to the nurses yesterday.  My clock arrived. It’s simply lovely.


Saturday 16th March

Had a nice day.  Got up early and helped Rhonda with the work.  Mum ran me over to Grandma’s in the car.  Aunt Nellie got flu.  Went shopping in afternoon.  Went to pics at night.


Sunday 17th March

Had a nice day. Went out touring round in the car.  Stopped at Leeds and went in Lyon’s café.  A bit foggy coming home. Went along to Florrie’s from half past 8.


Monday 18th March

Rhonda poorly.  Think she’s got flu.  Did some shopping in afternoon.  Saw an old pal that used to go to my old school.  Went to see London After Midnight.  It was a lovely picture.  Got treated to a drink.


Tuesday 19th March

Got up early to help to do the work.  Rung up Aunt Bill but could get no reply.  Dad started work today.  Went to The Don.  Have a swelling under chin.  Mum thinks its mumps.


Wednesday 20th March

Had a fair day.  Went to docs in the morning.  Says the lump’s nothing, leave it alone.  Went to see Aunt Bill and Joan.  Delighted to see me.


Thursday 21st March

Went to the bank in the morning and then went to Boots.  Went to see  The Last Command.  It was a lovely picture.  Helped Mum in the bar at night.  Business bad.


Friday 22nd March

Went out shopping.  Mum bought me a new rig out.  It’s very ornate.  Mum says it’s for my birthday.  Helped in the bar at night.  Business fair but bucking up a bit.


Saturday 23rd March

Have gained 2 lbs.  Cleaned the car.  Went to get my coat from being altered.  Kathleen called to see how I was.  Went to see their baby.  Oh he is a darling.  Helped wipe glasses.


Sunday 24th March

Went out in the car to Nottingham.  Had dinner at The Welbeck and had tea in the country.  Kathleen came at night.  Went a walk with her round town.


Monday 25th March

Mum went to have her hair done.  Went up to the field to meet Kathleen.  Walked home with her. Bought  a box of Cutex.  Gave Kathleen a beauty pack.  Went to pics – a good picture.


Tuesday 26th March

Went to Burton with Mum and Dad.  Went to docs.  Must have a hot formulation on lump.  Rhoda better.  Kathleen came and I sent a parcel to Nurse Lockwood with some hankies in it.


Wednesday 27th March

Kathleen called.  Bought some wire and made a lot of things and sold them.  Went to see Streets of Shanghi.  It was a lovely picture.


Thursday 28th March

Went to doctors. He sent me to a surgeon.  The surgeon’s going to try and get me in hospital so that they can cut the lump away.  Went to see Mr Wii.  The picture was nice.


Friday 29th March

Had to go in hospital to have an operation.  Went in at 11 o’clock.


Saturday 30th March

Had my operation and not feeling up to much.


Sunday 31st March

Made friends with a lady called Mrs Hadfield and one called Mrs Black.





Flesh and the Devil - 1926

Watch a clip from the Movie

Or watch the whole Movie



      Lodge Moor Hospital

from Redmires Road



Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s07403




        Show Boat - 1927

The original 1927 movie seems to be unavailable, but here is a clip from the

1936 production





          Cinema House

Fargate, Sheffield


Image used with permission from Sheffield Local Studies Library Picture Sheffield

Image - s08041


    London After Midnight

The original 1927 film is lost

  The Last Command 1928

Watch a clip from the Movie



Kathleens father Charlie remarried to Sarah Batty after the death of his wife Emma. The new baby is their son Brian C Walsham born 27 Oct 1928

      Kathleen Walsham

Taken 10th February 1930 at John Bull Studio's, 32 High Street, Sheffield


We have compiled family history details for Kathleen Walsham

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